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More than five million children have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United States. At Garland Pediatric Practice, Phani Bodavula, MD, FAAP, and the caring team take a holistic approach to ADHD care. The pediatric specialists diagnose and treat ADHD in children through age 19. To learn more, call the office in Garland, Texas, or schedule an appointment online today.

What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a complex mental health disorder that affects thoughts and behaviors. While many adults have ADHD, the disorder typically manifests during childhood. 

Children with ADHD often experience difficulty concentrating on tasks, controlling impulses and behaviors, and sitting still.

Without effective treatment, ADHD can negatively impact your child’s performance at school and ability to maintain relationships with their peers.

What are the different types of ADHD?

There are three different types of ADHD:

Inattentive type

If your child is easily distracted and frequently daydreams but isn’t hyperactive, they may have inattentive type ADHD.

Impulsive/hyperactive type

The least common type of ADHD results in primarily impulsive and hyperactive behaviors without inattention.

Combined type

Most children with ADHD have the combined type. This form of ADHD causes a combination of inattention and distractibility, as well as impulsivity.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD symptoms often depend on the type your child has. However, the most common symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Trouble concentrating 
  • Difficulty sitting still 
  • Interrupting others
  • Fidgeting
  • Excessive talking

In many children, particularly young girls, the signs of ADHD can be subtle. That’s why it’s important to receive a diagnosis from a board-certified physician, like the pediatricians at Garland Pediatric Practice.

What causes ADHD?

There is no singular cause of ADHD. However, scientists can connect the disorder to certain factors, including:

  • Premature birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Alcohol consumption or smoking during pregnancy
  • Brain injuries

Exposure to environmental and lifestyle factors, such as lead, secondhand smoke, or food additives, can also lead to ADHD.

What are the treatments for ADHD?

While there is no cure for ADHD, a combination approach to treatment can be effective at reducing your child’s symptoms. Your pediatrician may recommend:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Stimulant medications
  • Dietary changes
  • Daily exercise
  • Better sleep quality
  • Minimizing caffeine and sugar
  • Limiting screen time

Your child’s doctor may also coordinate with their school counselor, psychologist, or teachers to create an individualized plan that promotes success at school and home. Connecting with your child’s support team can also help improve your child’s social skills if they struggle to make and maintain friendships.

To learn more about ADHD, call Garland Pediatric Practice or schedule an appointment online today.