Newborn Care

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Newborn Care
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Quality care for your newborn starts immediately after birth and continues through their first weeks of life. At Garland Pediatric Practice, Phani Bodavula, MD, FAAP, and the caring team offer complete newborn care to keep your new addition healthy and support their growth and development. Call the office in Garland, Texas, today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about newborn care.

What is newborn care?

Newborn care refers to the medical treatment your baby receives within days of childbirth. You should schedule your first visit with Garland Pediatric Practice shortly after you give birth to ensure your pediatrician can evaluate your newborn’s health and wellness. 

These early visits also offer an opportunity to ask questions and share concerns about your baby’s health, growth, and development. Choosing a pediatrician you trust is essential to support your family’s growth.

What does newborn care include?

Newborn care includes a wide range of tests and preventive measures to keep your baby safe and healthy in the first few days of life. During these early visits, your pediatrician at Garland Pediatric Practice assesses your baby’s:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Head circumference
  • Heart rate and function
  • Hearing and vision
  • Respiration
  • Muscle tone and reflexes
  • Skin health and appearance

Within 1-2 months of life, your newborn also needs a series of vaccines.

What can I expect from my first newborn care visit?

Shortly after your delivery, your Garland Pediatric Practice pediatrician performs a series of tests, vaccinations, and vitamin injections, so your baby remains in good health throughout infancy. Your pediatrician may:

  • Evaluate your baby’s breathing, heart rate, and skin 
  • Administer the hepatitis B vaccine
  • Perform vitamin K injections
  • Assess vision and hearing
  • Apply eye drops

Your pediatrician can also perform a series of newborn screenings, including tests for congenital heart diseases.

How often does my baby need newborn care visits?

Newborn care visits begin when your baby is still at the hospital. Your pediatrician at Garland Pediatric Practice then schedules a follow-up visit within 1-3 days after their initial appointment. After these first two checkups, you should bring your newborn in once a week for at least the next 2-3 weeks.

Over the next four months, you should bring your baby to see their pediatrician every month or two. Their doctor may recommend more frequent visits to monitor health concerns, such as difficulty latching, low weight, or colic. Regular monitoring is essential to ensure your newborn thrives during these initial weeks and months.

To learn more about newborn care, call Garland Pediatric Practice or schedule an appointment online today.