What's Included in Newborn Care?

Jan 12, 2023
What's Included in Newborn Care?
The first few days of your child’s life are a crucial period. Ensuring they get the best care at that time is key to their healthy growth and development. Learn more about newborn care and why it’s essential for your baby.

Staying on top of your baby’s health care is crucial from the minute they’re born. The first few days of their life play a key role in their growth and development. 

Newborn care refers to the medical checks and tests done in the first few days of your child’s life. Neglecting newborn care can lead to developmental problems and other health care issues.  

Get the best care for your newborn at Garland Pediatric Practice in Garland, Mesquite, and Sunnyvale, Texas. Dr. Phani Bodavula is a board-certified pediatrician with more than 15 years of experience providing quality health care for newborns and children. 

Learn more about what to expect from newborn care and why it’s crucial for your baby. 

What happens right after your baby is born?

Newborn care begins from the minute your baby is born. Your doctor or nurse cleans your baby up and removes any mucus from their nose, throat, and mouth. Next, they cut the umbilical cord before giving the baby to the mother for skin-to-skin contact. 

In the first 24 hours, Dr. Bodavula will carry out your newborn’s first physical exam. During this exam, they’ll be screened for signs of any conditions or disorders.

If screening reveals any medical conditions or developmental disorders, early diagnosis ensures they can be treated appropriately and any symptoms managed to give your child the opportunity to live a fully functioning life. 

What to expect during newborn care 

Dr. Bodavula takes your baby through a number of routine tests and checks during their first couple of office visits. These typically include:

  • Performing a complete physical exam 
  • Discussing what to expect for your baby’s growth and development
  • Measuring your baby’s head circumference 
  • Testing your baby’s reflexes 
  • Testing your baby’s senses, including their hearing and vision 
  • Discussing the results of any screening tests that have already been carried out 
  • Asking questions about your child’s well-being and development, such as if they’re eating and sleeping well 
  • Administering vaccines 

These visits are also a good time to ask any questions you need answered.

What comes after newborn care

Suppose your baby sails through newborn care with no flags raised — congratulations! There’s no greater joy than having a healthy child. However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about child care. 

If you observe a fever, blocked tear ducts, or a runny nose making breathing or feeding challenging, contact Dr. Bodavula as soon as possible. Vomiting and diarrhea are also signs that something may be wrong. 

Schedule an appointment today to get your baby set up for regular health care check-ins. You can make an appointment online, or call 972-544-5214. Dr. Bodavula and his team are fully equipped to care for your child’s needs.