Tips for Getting Through a Sick Visit

Jul 11, 2023
Tips for Getting Through a Sick Visit
Your kiddo is sick. You’ve scheduled an appointment with the doctor. Now what? Our team provides tips on how to prepare and what to expect during an acute care office visit.

One of the first things you probably learn as a parent is that life is full of surprises. Unfortunately, not all surprises are pleasant. Sudden illnesses and injuries requiring acute care appointments (or sick visits) are part of childhood.

Dr. Phani Bodavula and our team at Garland Pediatric Practice in Garland, Texas, specialize in advanced, personalized pediatric care. We’re committed to supporting children and their parents from infancy through adolescence.

We’re happy to share insight into pediatric sick visits and steps to take before, during, and after your appointment.

Understanding pediatric sick visits

A sick visit is a medical appointment addressing new or worsening health issues requiring immediate attention.

These visits are typically arranged on short notice to provide timely assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for acute illnesses, injuries, or worsening chronic conditions like asthma.

Because pediatric care includes parents and other caregivers, our entire Garland Pediatric Practice team is also committed to your comfort and understanding before, during, and after the visit.

Tips for making it through your child’s sick visit

Keep these suggestions in mind when your child becomes ill:

Never hesitate to call

It’s sometimes hard to determine whether you should care for a sick child at home or take a trip to the doctor. At Garland Pediatric Practice, we invite you to give us a call or schedule a visit whenever you’re concerned about your child’s health. 

During your call, our nurses are available to discuss your concerns, check with Dr. Bodavula regarding your child’s symptoms as necessary, and make recommendations per his direction.

Prioritize safety and comfort

Before heading to our office, ensure your child is safe and comfortable. Dress them in comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather, and bring along any necessary items like blankets, a favorite toy, or snacks.

Also, infants, toddlers, and even teens benefit from your support and positive attitude when seeing the doctor. You can help enforce that by being upbeat and soothing their concerns before and during the visit.

Prepare in advance

To make the most of your doctor's visit, be prepared. Bring a list of your child's symptoms, including when they started, their severity, and what home care remedies you’ve tried. Also, take note of any changes in behavior, appetite, or sleep patterns.

These observations can provide valuable information to the doctor and may help in diagnosing the illness more accurately.

We also appreciate your insight regarding your child’s general health, recent exposure to viruses, and other factors that may influence the current illness. Don’t forget to track when you last administered over-the-counter medications and your child’s response.

Be thorough

Be honest and thorough when providing Dr. Bodavula or the nurse with information about your child's symptoms. Even if some details seem embarrassing or insignificant, these details can help the doctor develop an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Ask questions

Don't hesitate to ask questions. Seek clarification about the diagnosis, treatment options, and potential side effects of medication. Understanding the condition and its management helps you make informed decisions when providing home care for your child.

Remember to take notes or ask for written details regarding care instructions, signs of worsening, medications, etc.

Follow instructions

Once you receive a diagnosis and treatment plan, it's essential to follow the doctor's directions diligently. 

Administer medications as prescribed, adhere to recommended rest periods, and follow any dietary guidelines. And if you have any concerns or notice changes in your child's condition, contact our office promptly for guidance.

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